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Traditionally, professional surfers are sponsored by the surf industry–the companies responsible for selling you surf “stuff” like board shorts, bikinis, rash guards, leashes and boards.

At Robertsport Community Works, we wanted to do something that would guarantee the surfers a better chance to reach their dreams, surfing and otherwise.

In addition to getting surf stuff like surfboards, leashes, wax, rashguards, Surf Liberia gear and boardshorts, our sponsored Liberian surfers receive college and vocational scholarships to the schools of their choice. We’ve found, over the years, that it’s within reach for our surfers to finish high school with their own earnings. However, even the brightest have a hard time scraping up the fees for university or vocational school in Monrovia.

“We want surfing to have a positive impact on the local Robertsport community,” says RCW Director Nathaniel Calhoun. “We identify personal and professional goals with the young surfers we sponsor, then give them the personal skills and financial resources to make their goals a reality.”

For surfers to qualify for sponsorship, they have to attend at least three Community Beach Clean-ups and be willing to teach a few of their friends about water safety and the basics of how to surf. Robertsport Community Works staff mentor them personally and professionally, creating stronger ties in the community and helping the surfers to identify their needs as a group.

Every year, we hold the Annual Surf Liberia Contest, a day of relaxed, good-natured competition and sweet waves. Surfers win recognition both locally and internationally for achievements in surfing, and many have leveraged their competition titles to gain additional support for their studies and projects. Check out our blog for photos of the last competition!

Thanks to our partners and sponsors for helping to make the Surf Liberia Mentoring Program a success. If you or your organization or company work in Liberia or just want to support what we do, please get in touch!

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