Community Beach Cleanup: To support the biodiversity and ecological integrity of Liberia’s coasts, as well as enhance tourism opportunities for the Robertsport community, Robertsport Community Works runs a monthly  Beach Cleanup Project in partnership with Nana’s Lodge Beach Resort. The cleanup has been community-run since November 2009. To date, we’ve picked up over 1,000 pounds of plastic from the Uptown and surfing beaches!

Mentoring and Capacity Building: Robertsport Community Works is eager to connect environmental, agricultural and other experts with the Robertsport community, as well as NGOs and community-based organizations in need of external support and expertise. To learn more, email

Sea Turtle Rescue: 4 of the 5 sea turtle species that next on Liberia’s beaches are endangered. We’re working with the Sembehum-Robertsport community to release captured sea turtles and hatch captured sea turtle eggs. This is part of Robertsport Community Works’ Eco-Tourism and Conservation programs and we invite local and international partners to participate with us!

Surf Liberia Mentorship: Liberia’s young surfers need support to become leaders with the skills and vision to positively impact their communities. Robertsport Community Works mentors promising Liberian surfers to help them get the academic skills, professional training and personal support that they need. We sell Surf Liberia t-shirts to finance the project.

Robertsport Community Campsite: Located under the ancient cotton tree between Cassava Beach and Nana’s Lodge, the Robertsport Community Campsite encourages environmentally sustainable tourism and community development. It has been 100% community-run since January 2010. To make a reservation, call Prince Karneh at +231 (0)886-546-214.

Mama Liberia Sewing Co-op: Colorful hand-sewn beach bags, yoga mat bags and duvet covers lift help the co-op members lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Almost one hundred women have benefited from the income-generating project, and our products have been commissioned and shipped all over the world! Email to get in touch.