Soul Surfers Foundation is a non-profit in The Netherlands that supports developmental projects which use water sports as a motivation for underpriviledged children to follow education, develop business skills and to overcome trauma. Soul Surfers Foundation brings together local initiatives from around the world that share common visions and goals. In 2010, Robertsport Community Works is their featured project!

Seren Clothing is a board-culture company that gives back through supporting conservation and community programs. They are partners for our Surf Liberia Mentoring program and designed the 2nd Annual Surf Liberia Contest t-shirt for us. They’ll be working more closely with us and helping to sponsor Liberian riders in the future, so stay tuned!

Founded in 2007, The Niapele Project is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to work with community-based organizations that seek to improve the lives of vulnerable children through the development and implementation of sustainable initiatives. Currently, The Niapele Project is partnered with the only center for children with disabilities in Liberia, a women-led agricultural and economic empowerment organization, and a tuition-free school in Monrovia where they implement a locally-sourced School Nutrition program. Their goal is to provide our partner organizations with the tools necessary to make their organizations effective, efficient and sustainable.

Surf Resource Network recognizes high quality surf as a valuable natural resource, which can be leveraged to provide means for community development.  Their mission is to support local economies by partnering with organizations that are working to create positive outcomes for communities in surf rich regions and to offer surfers the opportunity to give back to the communities they travel to for surf.